Situation #1

The R.V.S.S. Iris is in the East London docks, undergoing a refit and the installation of a Babbage engine. Plans to relaunch the famous vessel under the flag of British Solar Exploratory Ventures, Ltd. hit a snag when the B.S.E.V. Board of Directors is approached by Sir Quentin Winston Smythe-Peabody, MP, with an offer to undercut the Merchant Marine Association and supply cheap crew for the vessel. This upsets the current crew members who have been hired on, as rumors circulate that B.S.E.V. may terminate their services in order to hire cheaper labor from Smythe-Peabody. Negotiations between the Merchant Association, Sir Smythe-Peabody, and B.S.E.V. are currently heated.

The Babbage engine being installed is of a revolutionary (some might say crackpot) design, created by the late Horace Faustus Coppersmith. Rumors abound about the supposed capabilities (and shortcomings) of the device, and it is well known that several industrialists, including Smythe-Peabody, as well as the governments of France and Belgium, offered the Coppersmith estate substantial sums for the plans, only to be turned down flat by the inventor's notorious bluestocking daughter. Much rides on the success or failure of the engine, in particular the future of Horace's sister, the widow Diana Glimmerfield, who recently lost her modest savings through the unfortunate combination of bad investments in the funds, and a robbery of her estate.

Rumors have begun to circulate of a new disease beginning to spread through London's poorer quarters. Venusian Pulmonary Disequilibrium, a disease formerly unknown on earth, has caused a number of illnesses and a few deaths. The Crown, fearing an epidemic, has announced that it will grant royal title to whoever can discover a cure.

Situation 1 - Re-Start

After we lost Peter and Cindy, and while Meg and Taylor were unavailable due to work, we had to re-engineer the situation. We went for a GM-less game where everyone has a player character.

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