Reginald Christian

Reginald Christian, nee *unpronouncable*

Concept: Alien chief of security

Reginald, as he would later be known, started life in a small native village on the far edge of British-colonized Venus. Never content to stay in one place and looking for an adventure, when the British Expeditionary Force asked the tribe for guides, he eagerly volunteered. Reg served for many years as scout and, later, personal aide to Col. John Armstrong. The colonel was the one who gave him his name, "You look just like my old uncle Reggie," and saw to it that all the Venerians under his command were properly baptized Christians (something Reg didn't really understand at the time and has since looked back on with some amusement).

At the completion of the campaign, Armstrong offered Reg the chance to return with him to England, and Reg leapt at the chance to see the strange land of which he'd heard so many stories. As a resident alien, he was a popular oddity at many parties, and in the years since has had the chance to travel on Earth and see something of this strange new world.

From his time in the army and years in Britain, Reg has "gone native" and often seeks to distance himself from his uncultured, backwater brethren, however — though he might not like to admit it — he has not completely given up many of the beliefs and habits of his homeland, and is quick to respond to slights against his people.

Reginald's character sheet

Thematic Batteries

  • Civilized savage — Charge: 1
  • Loyal marine — Charge: 1
  • Curious explorer — Charge: 1
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