Midshipman Peabody



Young guy, you know, a kid, really. Not very experienced with much. He's twelve years of age, if I recall correctly. Classical education, which means that he can quote Plato or Aristotle, but can't tell you what it means. Heh. Eager tho. Wants to shine; make his parents proud and all that rubbish. He comes down here, 'underground' as he calls it, and consorts with us lowlies. Parents wouldn't like that, nosir. Don't know why the Cap'n allows it really. Guess he feels we'll broaden the kid's somewhat narrow education. Best hope it don't get too broad, for all our sakes.

Goes about in this great huge coat, he does. Fits him like a blanket on a pineapple. But it's his uniform and I reckon it's something to hold on to for a whelp first away from his not so humble home.

I heard tell that he's the nephew of some muckey muck. 'Is family can't be too much in favor tho or else he'd be piloting a desk somewhere, if he did any work at all. I reckon that his father married above himself and his mother's family didn't like that too much. They'll help out and all that, but they'll make sure that he'll have to work for their charity.

Midshipman Peabody's character sheet

Thematic Batteries

  • Little kid — Charge: 1
  • Inquisitive — Charge: 1
  • Eager to please — Charge: 1
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