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We seem to have rather lost momentum over the holidays.

Lets finish up selecting scrips so we can get underway!

- Edmund

I have taken the Blue Scrip.

Re: THE FIRST SITUATION by tyrapendragontyrapendragon, 10 Jan 2008 05:25

OK, I prepared a scrip on the Spoils Scrips page. As I understand the system, everyone should prepare such a page that they will pass around to other players to "sign" for spoils, i.e., experience. So right now, I "own" the Gold Scrip and will pass it around when I manage to involve someone else's Thematic Batteries through narration (and therefore get them involved in the action).

Re: THE FIRST SITUATION by AnemoneAnemone, 08 Jan 2008 22:31

Yes. Setting up the spoils scrips is the next thing to do. You had some ideas on how to handle that I believe?

If anyone has a brilliant idea for the first scene, they are welcome to jump right in with the narration. If not, I can set the first scene myself.

Re: THE FIRST SITUATION by Shosuro KandoShosuro Kando, 08 Jan 2008 14:36

Neat! So what should we do next? Should we prepare our spoils scrips?


Re: THE FIRST SITUATION by AnemoneAnemone, 07 Jan 2008 22:55

I have finished engineering the first situation! To see the first situation engineering sheet, look here

Everyone except Mark gets to start with all their thematic batteries charged by one level.

Here is a (somewhat expanded) version of the situation abstract presented on the Engineering sheet.

//The R.V.S.S. Iris is in the East London docks, undergoing a refit and the installation of a Babbage engine, Plans to relaunch the famous vessel under the flag of British Solar Exploratory Ventures, Ltd. hit a snag when the B.S.E.V. Board of Directors is approached by Sir Quentin Winston Smythe-Peabody, MP, with an offer to undercut the Merchant Marine Association and supply cheap crew for the vessel. This upsets the current crewmembers who have been hired on, as rumors circulate that B.S.E.V. may terminate their services in order to hire cheaper labor from Smythe-Peabody. Negotiations between the Merchant Association, Sir Smythe-Peabody, and B.S.E.V. are currently heated.

The Babbage engine being installed is of a revolutionary (some might say crackpot) design, created by the late Horace Faustus Coppersmith. Rumors abound about the supposed capabilities (and shortcomings) of the device, and it is well known that several industrialists, including Smythe-Peabody, as well as the governments of France and Belgium, offered the Coppersmith estate substantial sums for the plans, only to be turned down flat by the inventor's notorious bluestocking daughter. Much rides on the success or failure of the engine, in particular the future of Horace's sister, the widow Diana Glimmerfield, who recently lost her modest savings through the unfortunate combination of bad investments in the funds, and a robbery of her estate.

Rumors have begun to circulate of a new disease beginning to spread through London's poorer quarters. Venusian Pulmonary Disequilibrim, a disease formerly unknown on earth, has caused a number of illnesses and a few deaths. The Crown, fearing an epidemic, has announced that it will grant royal title to whoever can discover a cure.//

THE FIRST SITUATION by Shosuro KandoShosuro Kando, 07 Jan 2008 22:13

"My Lord" or "Lord Drollergold" would be correct.

I have added a short bio and picture for Eleanor.

Re: The coming conflict by tyrapendragontyrapendragon, 06 Jan 2008 04:29

Would we have to call him Lord or just Sir Drollergold?

So Cindy, Peter and would start with some or all of our thematic batteries already charged because of the character bios and drawings, right?

Re: The coming conflict by AnemoneAnemone, 04 Jan 2008 23:15

I have almost finished engineering the first situation, and should have it by Sunday evening or Monday morning.

I decided to focus on the thematic batteries of the characters when engineering the first situation, since it would a) put the action squarely in areas that characters were interested in exploring, and b) it would give us a chance to practice a lot with thematic batteries.

I'll post the Situation Engineering Sheet as soon as it is finished.

The coming conflict by Shosuro KandoShosuro Kando, 04 Jan 2008 22:42

I'll vote for Iris too, just to make it official. Iris it is!

Re: Name the ship! by Shosuro KandoShosuro Kando, 04 Jan 2008 22:37

I like Very Sir Lord Toby Arthur Drollergold of Waldenshire under Throcket. With a cog like "British Upper Crust" we can reasonably give him a minor title.

The Very British Name Generator suggests "Humphrey Watson."

The Funny Proper Name Generator suggests:
Jeffrey Nat Checklebury
David Douglas Sisslelock
Graham Emmett Bemmertvtch
Lance Denny Bemmertutch
Mark Troy Mabblefield
Leander Logan Clellerway
Martin Dennis Drocklebanks
Felix Alex Bapperwell
Gene Bradley Brookstock
Thaddeus Chester Bennerkvd
Felix Scott Bennerkud
Michael Christopher Smallgold
Cedric Ryan Munderbury
Jonas Deuteromy Noddlespear
Willis Franklin Pugglehvt
Stephen Robert Pugglehet
Willis Duane Paddlekvtch
Alan Stuart Paddlekotch
Toby Arthur Drollergold

I vote for Jonas Deuteromy Noddlespear. ^_^

Name Mark's character! by AnemoneAnemone, 04 Jan 2008 00:57

So far, my favourite is Boadicea because it's so very Victorian. But I can go with Iris too.

Re: Name the ship! by AnemoneAnemone, 04 Jan 2008 00:52
Re: Going public?
AnemoneAnemone 28 Dec 2007 17:42
in discussion General / Start Here » Hi and thanks

OK, since it appeared everyone had had a chance to download the necessary files, I removed anything that was not for public distribution and I opened the site to public viewing. However, you still have to be a member to edit, so hopefully we shouldn't have to deal with vandalism.

Re: Going public? by AnemoneAnemone, 28 Dec 2007 17:42

Greetings, Doctor! Good to have you aboard! I think my father, Professor Horace Faustus Coppersmith, mentioned your research on the Tingamabobulator before he passed away. Jolly good!

Re: Meet Dr Amy Delano by AnemoneAnemone, 28 Dec 2007 17:37

Dr Amy Delano was born of humble origins, in a rundown community on the outskirts of the City. Her mother was a kind but weary single parent, who was rarely awake when home to care for her seven children. Amy did not mind her mom’s absence as it left her free to explore her environment. At the age of one, she was researching the fascinating societal structure of the common cockroach. Unfortunately, nobody understood her and, when at eighteen-months-old she moved onto rats, squirrels, and other sciuridae, her detailed analysis of the cockroaches was abandoned and never published.

Amy’s life had its ups and down. Her nearsightedness and enthusiasium compounded by her tendency to become completely absorbed into her current work, often makes Amy appear immodest and slightly daft. Friends and jobs floated unheeded though her life like thick clouds until, there was that little debacle with the Tingamabobulator. That unfortunately, caused the laboratory, most of her friendships, and her career to be abruptly terminated. (Most of her friends were work-friends who did not want to be associated in ANY way with her or the Tingamabobulator.)

Recently, her phenomenal energy and her revolutionary but accurate findings in the areas of geology and biosciences have resulted in semi-forgiveness by the scientific community. At 34 years old, she tearfully ended a five-year romantic relationship with her lab assistant. She has slapped on her snappiest set of goggles and resolved that she would further engulf herself in her work and at least perfect one portion of her life.

Using all of her very limited connections, she was able to secure a position on the British Solar Exploratory Ventures, Ltd. She is not sure if the crew knows about the Tingamabobulator Debacle and she is not going to bring it up. Deeply excited about the potential for fabulous new discoveries depths of space, Amy is ready to give it her all. Space HERE SHE COMES - Make room!

Meet Dr Amy Delano by Cindy DarleyCindy Darley, 28 Dec 2007 07:55
Got my Backstory! by AnemoneAnemone, 19 Dec 2007 05:47
Going public?
AnemoneAnemone 19 Dec 2007 03:19
in discussion General / Start Here » Hi and thanks

So, did everyone get a chance to save the PDF of the game from Downloads section? When you are done, please let me know so I can remove it and open the site for viewing (not editing) to others.

Going public? by AnemoneAnemone, 19 Dec 2007 03:19
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