Eleanor Santiago



Eleanor spent her first few years in an orphanage back in London. She spent a lot of her energy at that point sneaking out of Mrs. Hill's home for wayward girl's. This is where she first formed her liking for hanging around in shady parts of the city and making friends with those of less than savory character. She was adopted by some older children who knew the ways of the street. One of them encouraged her to use the intelligence she had been born with to better her lot.

Eleanor's luck change when a ship's engineer came to Mrs. Hill's looking for a cheap apprentice. Eleanor managed to convince him that her curiosity and love of taking things apart and putting them back together were signs that she would do well under his tutelage. She spent her teenage years aboard a small merchant ship learning the ways of engineering and exploring other planets. Her mentor suggested that she could easily find a berth with the Royal Navy, but her uncommon upbringing and habit of questioning authority would not lend itself to Naval discipline so instead she took work on the merchant ship Iris.

Eleanor's character sheet

Thematic Batteries

  • Friends in low places — Charge: 1
  • Challenges authority — Charge: 1
  • Innovative thinker — Charge: 1


3 for invoking Guy's "British upper-crust" scene 1 episode 1

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