Dr. Amy Delano



Dr. Amy Delano was born of humble origins, in a rundown community on the outskirts of the City. Her mother was a kind but weary single parent, who was rarely awake when home to care for her seven children. Amy did not mind her mom’s absence as it left her free to explore her environment. At the age of one, she was researching the fascinating societal structure of the common cockroach. Unfortunately, nobody understood her and, when at eighteen-months-old she moved onto rats, squirrels, and other sciuridae, her detailed analysis of the cockroaches was abandoned and never published.

Amy’s life had its ups and down. Her nearsightedness and enthusiasium compounded by her tendency to become completely absorbed into her current work, often makes Amy appear immodest and slightly daft. Friends and jobs floated unheeded though her life like thick clouds until, there was that little debacle with the Tingamabobulator. That unfortunately, caused the laboratory, most of her friendships, and her career to be abruptly terminated. (Most of her friends were work-friends who did not want to be associated in ANY way with her or the Tingamabobulator.)

Recently, her phenomenal energy and her revolutionary but accurate findings in the areas of geology and biosciences have resulted in semi-forgiveness by the scientific community. At 34 years old, she tearfully ended a five-year romantic relationship with her lab assistant. She has slapped on her snappiest set of goggles and resolved that she would further engulf herself in her work and at least perfect one portion of her life.

Using all of her very limited connections, she was able to secure a position on the British Solar Exploratory Ventures, Ltd. She is not sure if the crew knows about the Tingamabobulator Debacle and she is not going to bring it up. Deeply excited about the potential for fabulous new discoveries depths of space, Amy is ready to give it her all. Space HERE SHE COMES - Make room!

Dr. Delano's Character Sheet

Thematic Batteries

  • VERY focused — Charge: 1
  • Obliviously happy — Charge: 1
  • Transparent — Charge: 1
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