• Sir Quentin Winston Smythe-Peabody, MP and major shareholder of British Solar Exploratory Ventures, Inc.
  • Diana Glimmerfield, Berenice's aunt and Horace Coppersmith's sister, a horticulturist
  • Acton Hatcher, Merchant Navy Association representative
  • Captain Worthington Pembroke, commanding the HMS Illustrious (100-pts, written by Laura)
  • Dudley Fraser, Santiago's shady assistant (75-pts, written by Edmund)
  • Percival Pembroke, the mysterious saboteur and Captain Pembroke's relative (125-pts, written by Edmund)
  • CPO Fitzsimmons, an old, crusty, curmudgeonly Navy man, 20-year veteran, stuck in his ways, chauvinistic, incredibly well schooled and experienced, member of the Royal Astronomical Society, and doesn't like being led around by a skirt (100-pts, written by Edmund).


  • B.E.S.V. offices
  • B.E.S.V. London laboratories
  • HMS Illustrious
  • Vesta mining colony
  • Engineering room of the Iris


  • The B.E.S.V. labour contract — involves the Aetheric Sailors and Dockworkers Union Society
  • Coppersmith Babbage engine blueprints
  • The cure for Venusian Pulmonary Disequilibrium
  • Solar sails
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