Berenice Coppersmith


Berenice Coppersmith was raised in the shadow of her widowed father, the illustrious Analytical Engine specialist and apprentice of Charles Babbage himself, Horace Faustus Coppersmith. She learned the fine art of beekeeping at her father’s knee, punching petals under his direction. Berenice soon showed great promise, detecting the occasional bumblebee. By the time she was fifteen, she was already a top-notch beekeeper and turned her abilities to further pursuits.

She was accepted at Cambridge, the only woman in her class, to study Aether science. By then, the illustrious (or ridiculed) Blue Stockings Society no longer existed but their name had become a derisive term for bookish or scholarly women. Berenice was made to feel unwelcome by those of her male classmates who were richer, better-born, and less talented than she was; a few years of this unfriendly treatment left her wary of young men and little inclined to frivolous pursuits.

Nevertheless, Berenice had lofty goals which she clung through during her passage at Cambridge and beyond. She believed that the marvels of modern science held the key to a better future for all of Mankind through colonization of the Solar System. She enlisted with the Royal Astronomical Navy, but her first tour of duty left her feeling chaffing at the narrow thinking and strict discipline of the Navy, despite her obvious talent as astrogator of the frigate HMS Sir Percival.

When her father died suddenly, she was devastated and decided not to reenlist for a second tour. She soon realized that her father’s death had been suspicious! Coppersmith had left his newest Analytical Engine apparently completed and ready to install, but his notes were nowhere to be found. British Solar Exploratory Ventures, Ltd., who had commissioned the hive for a recently refitted long-range exploration vessel, begged Berenice to install and nurse the apparatus through its maiden flight to the Asteroid Belt. Seized once again by the spirit of exploration and eager to make her father’s last work a triumph, she accepted.

Berenice's character sheet

Thematic Batteries

  • Great inventor's daughter — Charge: 2
  • Unmarriageable Bluestocking — Charge: 1
  • Idealist — Charge: 1


  • 3 for invoking Mooljee's "Daredevil pilot", Scene 3, Episode 1
  • 1 for invoking Santiago's "Innovative thinker", Scene 5, Episode 1
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