Ajitabh Mooljee



Ajitabh Mooljee was born in the village of Chembakolli in southern India. He was a sickly child, and it was thought that he would die young, but he proved to be tenacious, clinging to life with fierce intensity. Although never the strongest, smartest, or most inspiring, he proved to be amazingly agile and fast, with great coordination and speed. When he came of age he took employment with the British East India Company, where his innate coordination and lightning reflexes eventually won him a position as a fighter pilot, despite prejudices against a “Wog” flying with Englishmen.

But Ajitabh wanted more than a career babysitting cargo moving back and forth between India and England — he wanted to fly in space. His great skill and ability allowed him to succeed when taking great risks, but he showed poor deference to his superior officers and was not shy about stating his desire to leave his position as a “flying nanny” and get out where the real action was. He applied several times for positions in Her Majesty’s Astrographical Navy, but was turned down due to a combination of his birth, his attitude, and the number of squadron commanders who had retired due to ulcers after having him in their squadrons. Eventually, however, he came to the attention of Damian Hicks, majority stockholder and Chairman of the Board of British Solar Exploratory Ventures ltd. Hicks arranged to hire Ajitabh away from BEI and offered him a position as pilot and chief gunnery officer aboard the new exploration vessel Iris.

Initially Ajitabh was not particularly interested in piloting a “lumbering pile of scrap metal” around the solar system, but he was finally persuaded when Hicks saw to it that a docking clamp and an Ares scout vessel was added to the Iris during the refit. With the addition of the Ares and the assurance that he would still be able to clock plenty of flight hours in it, the possibility of going out beyond the places previously explored by the Empire, and a hefty salary increase to send home to his family, Ajitabh decided to sign on.

Ajitabh Mooljie loves to fly. He loves it more than anything. And in particular he loves to fly small craft — shuttles, scout craft, fighters, and the like. While perfectly capable of piloting larger craft he considers it to be a task beneath his talents (unless he is piloting the vessel through an asteroid belt, slingshotting it around a moon, or performing some other improbably maneuver) and will gladly foist off the duty on others if he can come up with an excuse to scout ahead with the Ares instead. While he is not, per se, argumentative, he has extremely strongly held views on the subjects of flight and piloting, and will stubbornly defend these views against virtually anyone who disagrees with them, regardless of rank or station. As an Indian native he does at time suffer from prejudice, but also gets along well with other Indians in the service, and can (and does) act as an intermediary for them when they get into trouble.

Ajitabh's character sheet

Thematic Batteries

  • Wog — Charge: 1
  • Daredevil pilot — Charge: 1
  • Spit in their eye! — Charge: 1
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